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Greenwood creek

Greenwood Creek map


Greenwood Creek drains a largely forested watershed of 16,000 acres from Philo to the Pacific Ocean at the town of Elk. On the grassy ridgetops of this basin winegrapes were first planted in by Italian immigrants but with Prohibition and a series of extreme frosts, most vineyards were wiped out by the 1940s. Greenwood Creek supports steelhead trout and Coho salmon.

Grape harvest in 1957


Vineyard on Greenwood Ridge in 1930s when total acres exceeded 200. Prohibition and several severe frost events in the 1940s wiped out all but three vineyards.


Certified Sites:

  • Greenwood Ridge Vineyards

Greenwood Ridge Vineyards
Allan Green manages the 16 acres of vineyard using no-till methods and low water use. Coniferous forests of redwood and Douglas fir cover most of this 1050-acre site which stretches to the edge of Greenwood Creek. As part of their farm plan, roads were storm-proofed to protect water quality in Greenwood Creek. Visit


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