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Presentations for General Waste Discharge Requirements (WDRs) for Vineyard Properties in the Napa River and Sonoma Creek Watersheds

Laurel Marcus- New State Water Quality Regulations Pertaining to Vineyard Run-off and compliance using the Fish Friendly Farming program

Laurel Marcus


Presentations for Agricultural Water Conservation Program: Soil Moisture Monitoring for Growers Workshop, A review and discussion of the the soil moisture monitoring program and the installation of soil moisture monitoring equipment in the Russian and Navarro River watersheds

Presentations for Agricultural Water Conservation Program:
Soil Moisture Monitoring for Growers

Dr. Larry E. Williams - Irrigation of Grapes in California (handout)
Laurel Marcus - Introduction Presentation
Dr. Larry E. Williams - Soil Moisture Monitoring Presentation
Jacob Moreno- Irrometer Products Presentation
Mark Holler- Camalie Vineyards Presentation
Dr. Erica Lundquist - NRCS Presentation
Paula Whealen - Water Rights Presentation

Soil Moisture Monitoring Program: To read the program steps and schedule, please click steps.

Presentations for Russian River Groundwater Workshop, A review and discussion of the science of groundwater sustainability and the Groundwater Sustainability Act in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties.

Russian River Groundwater Workshop for Growers
Laurel Marcus - Groundwater Studies in the Russian River
Paula Whealen - Water Right Curtailments - Current Status and What Types of Diversions are Impacted?
Robert Wagner - Groundwater - Subterranean Stream Flow and Percolating Groundwater Issues
Tito Sasaki - Forming Irrigation Districts for Sonoma County Groundwater Basins
Ann DuBay - Sustainable Groundwater Management Act in Sonoma County
Jay Jasperse & Don Seymour - Improving the Reliability of Lake Mendocino's Water Supply


Presentations for Changing Channels, A review and discussion of the science of stream restoration in the Russian River, Sonoma Creek and Napa River watersheds

Entrenched Channels - What are They and Why are They Problematic for River and Stream Ecosystems
Dr. Matt Kondolf - Entrenched Channels: a Geomorphic Perspective
Laurel Marcus - Riparian Ecosystems: the Function of Floodplains and Effects of Channel Entrenchment
Dr. Matt Cover - The Importance of Floodplains and Off Channel Habitats for Stream Food Webs and Biota

Historic Conditions
Robin Grossinger - Historical Ecology of Selected Bay Area Watersheds with a Focus on the Napa River
Scott Walls - A Geomorphic History of the Russian River
Arthur Dawson - Freeway to the Bay: Two Hundred Years of Change in the Sonoma Creek Watershed

Main-stem River Restoration
Dr Andrew Collison - Rutherford and Oakville Napa River Restoration Projects
Jonathan Koehler - Limitations to Salmonid Habitats Created by Entrenched Channels and Improvements Measured from Napa River Restoration Projects


Tributary Restoration
David Manning and Greg Guensch - Coho Salmon and Steelhead Rearing Habitat Enhancement in Dry Creek
Mark Newhouser - Sonoma Creek Restoration - Integrated Approaches for Disintegrated Slopes
Julie Beagle and Laurel Marcus - Managed Retreat: the Carneros Creek Example
Mia Docto - Restoration Projects in Entrenched Alluvial Fan Channels - Some Examples from the Napa And Russian River Watersheds
Rocko Brown - The Feasibility of Gravel Augmentation to Address Main River Channel Entrenchment and Alluvial Fan Channel Management



Fish Screening Workshop Presentation from Steve Thomas, Hydraulic Engineer, National Marine Fisheries Service:
Fish Screen Design Criteria for Small Diversions


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